A Cool Roof in Phoenix, Arizona

cool roof

If you own a home or building in Phoenix, AZ you should consider a COOL ROOF.

What is a Cool Roof?

My last article was about a newly invented material that is designed so well it will keep your roof cooler than the outside temperature. This was my inspiration for taking a quick second to explain what a Cool Roof is, and why it’s relevant for us here in the Valley of the Sun.

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A cool roof is simply a roof that reflects the sun better than, say, a standard shingle roof. The other qualification for a cool roof, is that it must redirect its heat, or technically speaking, its radiation.

The concept is very similar to wearing black in Arizona. If you wear something white instead, you will stay much cooler. This is because white reflects more of the AZ sun, as a result it absorbs less heat. However, Cool Roof’s come in many different colors, as there are a variety of cool roofing materials to choose from.

These are the two key elements that comprise a Cool Roof:

  • Solar Reflectance (also referred to as Albedo). The fraction of solar energy that is reflected.
  • Thermal Emittance This is a number or percentage that represents the level at which it can emit its absorbed heat; normally measured in a decimal form between 0 and 1.

Here’s a practical look at how this plays out.
a cool roof
As a consumer, in the market for a Cool Roof, you are mostly concerned with the CRRC rating. This is a standard set by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

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By having a Cool Roof you can expect to keep your home or building much cooler. Meaning, your AC is working less – leaving you with a smaller electric bill at the end of the month. Additionally, you can expect to see less maintenance cost over your roof’s lifetime; speaking of lifetime, you can expect a longer one with a Cool Roof.

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