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Affordable Roofer


Installing a new roof is a costly home improvement investment.

Several roofs that we replace in the Phoenix area have under-performed their expected lifetime due to poor maintenance. Affordable roofing starts with getting the most out of your roof.

A properly installed roof, in combination with quality materials and maintenance, can last an upwards of 30 years.

“Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying”

The Arizona sun can greatly diminish a roof’s lifetime. From the time a new roof is installed it begins absorbing UV rays. You can witness the effects of our AZ sun by simply inspecting the asphalt on your street. Many of the same chemicals used in asphalt can be found on your roof.


​As the sun breaks down the materials in your roof, the roof becomes dry and begins to crack – losing the ability to reflect water. That’s bad.
damaged roof

What can I do to “Keep the Tears From Falling”…into my home?

Unlike most maintenance tips, there isn’t much you can do on an on-going basis to prevent the sun from taking a toll on your roof, but, you can be proactive by applying reflective coating. This is best done during installation or before your roof begins to show signs of deterioration.

Reflective coatings are easily categorized by two types: a water based acrylic or a aluminum asphalt type.
E-Las-Tek® 120 Solar Tek Extreme premium topcoat is based on 100% acrylic polymers. Because of its extreme water resistance, 120 Solar Tek Extreme is superior for low-slope roofs and hot-weather conditions. 120 Solar Tek Extreme is the best and longest lasting elastomeric

​TAM-PROTAM-PRO® Non-Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating Forms a highly reflective surface upon application
Reduces inside summer temperatures by up to 15°F. Available in 1.5-, 2- and 3-lb. aluminum formulations Brush, spray or roll application

Water based acrylic does a great job defending against Infrared heat. It lowers the amount of heat passed along to the core of your roof. As an added bonus, for us in the Valley of the Sun, it can help insulate your home to keep the temperature of your home lower. Water based acrylic coating is normally the best for Arizona roofs. However, a downfall: it doesn’t stand up well to puddles of water for long duration of time. This may not be as much of a concern for Phoenix residences as it my be to someone in the mid-west.

Aluminum coatings are often used on commercial buildings. It is design to increase the reflectivity of built-up, metal or a modified bitumen roofs. Aluminum coatings are comprised of a combination of asphalt and an aluminum paste. It does wonders on removing the appearance of rust, while maintaining a roof’s shiny metal appearance. This type of coating is effective at increasing a roof’s waterproofing abilities.

Other Roof Saving Tips

If a tree falls but no one is around to hear it, did it still destroy your roof?

Yes, yes it did.

It seems like an obvious tip, but branches hanging over your roof can be a disaster waiting to happen. Even if the tree or a branch doesn’t fall into your roof, low hanging branches can brush up on your shingles, wearing them down.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it; if it is, then fix it.

A small leak during a major thunderstorm can seem pretty minor, however, nothing could be further from the truth. A roof leak will never get better on its own. You never heard someone say, “My roof used to leak, but then, all of a sudden, it just stopped”.


Walking on your roof is one of the most damaging acts you can perform on your roof. Try and avoid it as much as possible — and for Pete’s sake, don’t let a roof cleaning company walk on it. I have heard more horror stories about power-washing companies servicing roofs; I can’t imagine the benefits of a clean roof is worth it.

Final Two Cents

Regular inspections of your roof and on-going maintenance can go a long way. The beginning and end of summer is a great time to preform a routine roof inspection.

Cracked tiles, curled shingles and a breakdown of materials are red flags. You should also check he attic for leaks after a storm. Repair seals, the flashing and joints are key areas to inspect; most leaks will be found in these areas. Flashing is used to cover areas on your roof where vents, chimney, skylights or an exhaust pipe may be installed. It’s possible to inspect these areas with a pair of binoculars from across the street, or from a ladder. This helps you avoid walking on your roof.

If you live in the metro Phoenix area, and would like to schedule an inspection, feel free to contact us. We can provide a full inspection, provide any needed roofing maintenance, or if it is time to replace your roof, we can provide a competitive and affordable roofing replacement estimate. Sometimes even when a roof needs to be replaced we can perform a temporary fix to allow a homeowner to “get by for now”. This could involve replacing damaged shingles or even replacing select sections of a roof.

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