How Much Does Roofing Installation Cost?

roofing costing

Top 5 Factors that Affect the Price of Your Next Roofing Project

It’s rarely a desired upgrade; your home needs a new roof or needs repaired. Here’s what you need to know about the factors that will determine the cost your repair or installation.

The Roof’s Size

The more roof, the more materials that will likely be needed. This factor may not be as relevant on a roofing repair as it is on a reroofing project. For a reroofing project the size of the roof is calculated to obtain the exact square footage.

Preparing the Roof’s Surface

If you are replacing your roof (reroofing) you can expect that there will be prep work needed. This is normally involves: removing shingles, inspecting underlayment, plywood, flashing and seals.

Anything removed will need to be properly disposed of, this cost is normally part of the cost figured into to the project’s ‘Per Square Foot’ Pricing.

Roofing Materials

Roofing materials very significantly. You can opt to go with low quality materials that barely meet standards, or you can go with materials that greatly exceed minimum standards.

The materials you choose (and the quality of the installation) will determine the lifetime expectancy of your new roof.

Since a roof one of the biggest investments into your home, it’s worth doing right.

The Difficulty Factor

There are two main variables that dictate the difficulty level of a home’s roof: accessibility and complexity.

A roof that is several stories high, will almost always increase cost. Other accessibility challenges can be due to limited access to the roof because of nearby structures. This can effect the ease at which materials can be brought up to the roof.

A roof’s amenities require more time, materials and attention to detail. These are features such as: skylights, vents, chimneys, solar panels, multifaceted angles etc. Skylights and solar panels being the most expensive, as you will normally look to replace their seals and mounts.

Your Home’s Location

Location, Location, Location. That is really all I can say to justify why this factor even makes the list.

Why does a roofing repair in Scottsdale, AZ cost more than one in Central Phoenix? The materials used are the same, time spent on the repair same, yet it can be upwards of 50 % – 75% more on average.

Granted, I understand some roofs in Scottsdale require more high-end materials than roofs in Central Phoenix. So, on average repairs will cost more in Scottsdale. However, when the repair is exactly the same (Scottsdale vs Central Phoenix) your cost will be more in Scottsdale as the geographic location of your home is a determining factor.

costingAverage Cost of a New Roof Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect to pay for a new shingle roof install in Phoenix, AZ. Keep in mind, the factors I listed above can be the difference between getting a bid around the Low end cost verses the High. If you live in the metro Phoenix area, please fill in the form above for an exact quote on your next project.

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