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Why Cool Metal Roofing is Perfect For Your Arizona Home

Metal roofs are undoubtedly the most energy efficient, resistant, and lasting types of roofs you can install. They’re perfiect for the Valley of the Sun.

Ask 10 people what the first thing that pops to mind is when you say “Arizona”, and 9 of them will probably say “hot”. Fair or not, that’s usually people’s first impression of this great state: Arizona is a hot, hot place most of the year, as well as a very dry and sunny place.

When temperatures hit their zenith in the summertime, you’ll likely find most Arizonans spending quite a bit of time inside, where air conditioning makes things a little more comfortable.

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While air conditioning might be the most effective way of keeping your home cool, it’s not the most energy or cost efficient. That’s why you may find yourself looking into cool metal roofing. By keeping your home from heating up in the first place, cool metal roofing is an excellent way to cut down on your energy and cooling bills and make things just a little bit more comfortable in your house when the Arizona heat starts climbing. For more information on hiring us to provide installation services visit our metal installation service page.

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What is Cool Metal Roofing?


Metal has been a material of choice in roofing applications for years – even centuries. It’s a durable, energy-efficient material, easy and quick to install and excellent at protecting from the elements and providing quick drainage. Metal roofing will typically outlast any other type of roofing without much need for maintenance, making it an excellent choice for keeping costs low and hassle at a minimum.


Metal roofing can be made from nearly any kind of metal – aluminum, steel, copper, even titanium – but the most common is steel, coated with another metallic material – often zinc, an aluminum zinc alloy, or even tin. These types of materials can be used in various types of metal roofs.types of metal styled roofs


So What Makes Cool Metal Roofing So Cool?


A cool metal roof is, essentially, a roof that has a high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance. Or, in other words, it reflects most of the sunlight and solar energy that hits it, before it can turn into heat.


Breaking Down the Technical Jargon


Think about it: when that hot desert sun comes beating down, where’s the first place it hits? Your roof. With the right roofing materials, most of that energy from the sun is reflected, but any that isn’t is absorbed by the roof and turned into heat, which is then either removed by convection (aka, blown away by the wind) or by being absorbed by the material under the roof. When this happens, it causes the house or attic below to heat up considerably.

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Cool metal roofing has particularly high solar reflectance, allowing most of the solar energy to simply be reflected away, and a high thermal emittance, so any heat that is generated is emitted outward from the roof, instead of being absorbed back into it. As a result, the interior of the home or building stays a lot cooler.


Cool metal roofing can be virtually any metal roofing material, and can come painted, unpainted, coated and uncoated. The right paint and coating can help thermal emittance get as high as 90%, resulting in a very cool, comfortable building below. Metal also has a low thermal mass, which means it will not store much heat over time, cooling quickly, and avoiding emitting reflecting heat into your home after dark.


How Effective Is It?


In many cases, you can expect cool metal roofing to cut your energy and cooling usage and bills by up to 20%. That’s some significant savings right off the bat – especially for those of us who live in the sweltering Arizona heat and need to use AC all summer. When considered with the low installation costs metal roofing requires, that can mean some serious savings in the long haul.


What Are Some Other Pros Of Metal Roofing?

Increased energy savings and a cool house are some of the most apparent, but metal roofing has a lot of other important benefits that make it an excellent choice of roofing material.

metal roof installIt’s Durable and Long Lasting

Properly installed and coated, metal roofing will last years – often just as long as your house. Done right, you can expect it to last 50 to 100 years. Metal doesn’t rot or decay like wood, is mildew and mold-resistant, and can’t be damaged by bugs. It’s also waterproof (with the right sealant) and can withstand virtually any weather; you can find metal roofing designed to match wind uplift standards in hurricane-prone locales, such as Florida and the Gulf Coast.


It’s Waterproof and Good With Snow


When people in the rest of the country think Arizona, snow isn’t the first thought that comes to mind, even though northern Arizona sees a significant amount of snow each year.


Properly installed, metal roofing is about as water-repellent as roofing can be. The metal itself lets rain and moisture roll right off; if the panels interlock properly, there’s no way water can get it. And, since it reflects sunlight and heat, it’s fantastic for melting snow that piles up on top. The smooth surface then lets it roll right off.


Metal Roofing is Fire Resistant


Metal isn’t flammable, and most metal roofing has a Class A fire rating – the best and safest you can get. This depends, of course, on the materials used for coating and painting – as well as beneath the roofing – but metal roofing remains one of the safest roofing materials available. Again, this is important as northern Arizona is covered in lushes pine tress – not endless desert.


It’s Easy To Install


Metal roofing is one of the easiest roofing materials to have installed; it comes in large sheets, anywhere from 12 to 36” wide, that can be put into place very quickly.They’re flexible, too, an able to be installed on both steep and gentle roof pitches.

Metal roofing is also relatively light; not as light as shingling, but much, much lighter than tile roofing or slate roofing.


Are There Any Cons To Metal Roofing?


It’s Loud


Some of us like the sound of rain hitting off a metal roof. Others find it extremely loud and obnoxious. That’s one of the biggest complaints about metal roofing. (Good thing we we don’t worry about rain too much in Arizona, other than monsoon season of course).


 It Dents Easily


Metal roofing is generally very durable and tough, but it does dent easily.


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Large hail and other falling objects can put some serious dents into a metal roof, that might require some work to get out. Large dents could even cause water to pool, leading to leaks and other problems.


Arizona’s Best Cool Metal Roofing

If you’re looking to have a metal roofing installed in your Arizona home, or require some type of maintenance Estrella Roofing has you covered. We’ve got over 20 years of experience installing metal roofs and can provide a free consultation and solution based on your budget.

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