Surprise Squad Gifts New Roof in Arizona to Single Mother

The Surprise Squad and a Valley Roofing Company Gave This Single Arizona Mother A New Roof

Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad has been doing some great things for many people in Arizona, lending a helping hand to those in need, when they need it most, and brightening many people’s days along the way.

Just ask Rachel, a single mom from the Phoenix area, who recently received a new roof courtesy of a Chandler roofing company and the Surprise Squad.

About Rachel of Chandler

Rachel works at a local Harley-Davidson store to pay her bills and support her two children, aged 3 and 5. She’d already been struggling to make ends meet when her roof was damaged by one of the many afternoon thunderstorms that pass-through Phoenix during the summer.

A strong gust of wind took a large chunk of her roof off, leaving a huge hole. Water from the heavy rains dripped directly through the roof and into her 3-year old son’s bedroom wall, causing some nasty water damage and racking up a hefty repair bill.

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Rachel badly needed some new roofing but was struggling to come up with the money to pay for it. After hearing her story, Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad and a local roofing company helped take care of that.

A Surprise Visit – and A New Roof

Arizona’s Family Surprised Squad decide to pay Rachel a visit,  surprising her at the Phoenix Harley-Davidson dealership where she worked.

3 TV’s Olivia Fierro posed as a shopper looking for a Halloween costume for her own husband and son, saying that she thought a Harley-Davidson motorcycle outfit might be a good choice.

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Rachel came to assist her, pulling the price tag out from the sleeve of the jacket Fierro was looking at. But where the price should have been, she instead found a sticker bearing the Surprise Squad logo.

That’s when she knew something was up.

With Rachel becoming suspicious, Fierro grabbed a microphone and revealed the purpose of her visit, introducing herself as part of Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad. She asked Rachel how long she’d been a single mom (since 2015, when her fiancé tragically passed away in a motor accident) and why she so badly needed a new roof.

Local Phoenix Roofing Company Paying it Forward

Rachel related the story of the damage her roof sustained during the summer thunderstorms. By this point, a large crowd of people was gathering to surprise Rachel, including her mom.

Eric Perry, CEO of Azul Roofing Solutions,came to the front of the crowd and introduced himself.

Mr. Perry is a member of the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association, and a group called the Young Professionals. After he heard Rachel’s story, he reached out and contacted the other members of the association in the roofing industry – contractors, manufacturers and distributors – to collect all the materials and labor necessary to completely replace and redo Rachel’s storm-torn roof.

And of course, they would do it all without charging her a dime.


For a single mom struggling to pay the bills and without the money to pay for putting in an entirely new roof, this was a huge, generous gesture.

Wait, There’s More

That wasn’t the only surprise Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad had in mind for Rachel, however; with the help of Valley Toyota Dealers, they had arranged to pay for 2 months of daycare for Rachel’s two children.

Considering Rachel pays for 3 daycares to help her juggle her two kids with work – two months of daycare is a huge – nearly life-altering – chunk of change.

But, it’s just another day for Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad, who have been doing things like this for a long time.

Sponsored by Valley Toyota Dealers and 3TV, the Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad’s mission is to make the day a little brighter for lucky 3TV viewers, surprising them with a gift or favor that might seem small to viewers but can be life-changing for the recipients.

A few of the very generous things the Surprise Squad has helped others with include buying a new set of expensive glasses for a struggling grandmother who couldn’t without them, and paying for, as well as repairing, a broken fuse box for a 75-year old homeowner. When an electrical fire knocked the fuse box out, she was left with a $3,000 repair bill – and now power for several weeks.

Nominating Someone For Arizona’s Family Surprise Squad

Think you might know the next lucky person they should help? If you’d like to nominate someone for a visit from the Surprise Squad, you can do so by visiting and filling out a form, with the nominee’s name, address, where they’re most likely to be found, and the best time of day to contact them.

You’ll also want to include quick story about your nominee and why you feel they are a good candidate for the Surprise Squad to surprise them.

You can follow the Surprise Squad by liking them on Facebook, seeing who they’re surprising and helping, and maybe even getting a hint about they’re going to surprise next.

You can also keep an eye out for the Surprise Squad vehicle as it drives around Arizona – you can’t miss the familiar paint job – and swing by to say hello.

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