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roofing materialPhoenix, AZ is hot.

Anytime I come across roofing material that will lessen the effects of the Arizona sun it like to check it out.

Recently, I read a report about a new roofing material that will actually keep the roof cooler than the air outside around it.

I found it hard to believe; 110° outside, and somehow, the roof is cooler.

Roofs heat up quick under the AZ sun. Even roofs with reflective white still see a heat-up of about 10°; you can only imagine how much hotter a darker roof will get. The hotter your roof, the harder your AC unit is working to keep your home at temperature.

New Roofing Material Can Keep Your AZ Home Cooler

Dr. Angus Gentle

Australian scientist Dr. Angus Gentle holding the roofing material.

This new roofing material was founded by scientists in Australia. It boasts keeping a roof up to 11° cooler than even the best cooling roofing materials on the market today.

It’s a shame that this roofing material has yet to be developed – but what a game changer it would be.

Not only for residential roofing, but for commercial buildings. It was reported that if commercial buildings were coated in this new roofing material, that the heat that radiates from buildings, could be reduced by more than a few degrees – meaning, instead of it being 100° at night it could actually be 95°. Now, if only we could figure out a cost effective method to address the heat-retention from our blacktop streets.

About the Revolutionary New Cool Roofing Material

Current Cool Roofing Materials for Phoenix Residences

I will eagerly await the manufacturing of this new material. Until then, here are some suppliers of cool roofing materials that we use here at Estrella Roofing:

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