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roof tiles damages

This man had no lack of roof tiles in his arsenal.

throwing roof tiles

Jonathan Barnett of Waddon hurling roof tiles at officers.

Looking through the national news the other day I came across this story and couldn’t resist featuring it here.

Story goes something like this…

In the Greater London area sits the city of Waddon. Jonathan Barnett, a 26 year old homeless man, was burgling this residential home. When the police arrived, Jonathan, known by the local community as Joe, took off up stars and kicked a hole through the roof to climb outside.

Tile Roof Destruction

roofJoe turns a Breaking and Entering offence into a nine-hour roof tile chucking standoff. Eventually Joe retreated back into the house when police/firefighters used ladders. Joe was arrested and received nine different charges for damaging five police cars and the tile roofs of four terraced homes.

Turns out the house he broke into was his girlfriend’s.

Unsure what took 9 hours to arrest the man; I guess they were waiting for him to run out of roof tiles…

roof tile causing damagesJohnathan ended up causing about $35,000 in damages; about $10,000 in damage to the vehicles and $25,000 for destroying tile roofs.

See more on this here: //

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