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5 Things that Determine How Much Your New Roof Will Cost

The cost to install a new roof various based on the roof’s size, surface, types of materials used, location of your home and the difficulty factor. We will review these five factors to give you an idea of what you can expect to spend on your reroofing or new roof project.

Putting time, effort and money into your roof is rarely a desired upgrade, but sometimes there’s no way around it. Eventually, your roof will wear out, shingles will break, chip or fall…and your home will need a new one. Or at the very least, you’ll need to replace or install a new layer of shingles.

And yes – that repair job or roof replacement is going to cost some money. How much, however, depends on several factors. Some under your control, some are not.

Here’s what you need to know about the factors that affect the cost of your roof repair or installation.

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1. The Roof’s Size

This is a pretty obvious one. The larger the roof – the “more roof” there is – the more materials will be needed to do the job (and do it right).

When it comes to a reroofing project, you’ll need to calculate the exact size of the roof, obtaining the exact square footage, and then purchase materials (shingles, roofing, adhesives, etc) to fit. And it can add up.

For roofing repairs, however the exact size of the roof may not be as relevant – as you likely aren’t repairing the entire roof. But the idea remains the same; you’re just estimating or measuring the exact size of the area that needs to be repaired instead of the whole roof.

It can be helpful to keep in mind that roofing is generally measured in squares – which are 10ft by 10ft (100 square feet) of roofing. Contractors will use the term square when discussing the size of your roof or how much roofing material is needed for repairs or reroofing.

2. Preparing the Roof’s Surface

If you are replacing your roof, you can expect there to be some level of prep work needed. This will depend on exactly what needs to be accomplished with the job, but generally, prep work for reroofing includes removing old shingles and material, inspecting the underlayment condition for water damage, warping for peeling, inspected the plywood underneath for warping, cracks or leaks, and then checking the flashing and seals – again, for warping, leaking or cracking, all of which will begin to show up over time.

The more prep work involved, the more the roofing contractor will charge for labor.

Another element of prep work that needs to be configured into pricing is disposal of old roofing and materials. While you could do this yourself, it’s usually much faster and easier to instead have it hauled away by the contractor, who will need to impose a fee; this is usually calculated into the project’s ‘Per Square Foot’ Pricing.

3. Roofing Materials

Roofing materials vary in price significantly.

If you’re on a budget, you can opt to go with low quality materials that barely meet the standards (but get the job done…temporarily). Or you can go with high-quality, reliable materials that greatly exceed minimum standards and last for years – if not decades – to come.

The materials you choose (as well as the quality of the craftsmanship and installation) will determine the lifetime expectancy of your new roof, so choose wisely. Your home’s roof is a huge investment and it’s worth doing right.


There are plenty of guides and materials out there to help you choose the right roofing materials, styles and price points for your home and your project. If you need help, you can also consult your roofing contractor or local home improvement store. A little professional expertise might be exactly what you need to make sense of all the many materials out there (asphalt, slate, fiberglass – just to name a few styles of shingle available) and choose the right one for your home.

4. The Difficulty Factor

The two main variables that dictate the difficulty level of replacing or repairing your home’s roof are accessibility and complexity.


house on a mountainA roof that is several stories high will almost always be more expensive than a single story, slightly-sloped roof. If access to the roof is limited or difficult because of nearby structures, that can also be a problem…as it can affect the ease with which materials are hauled up on to the roof and can require more gear and slower work in order to prevent accidents or damages. And the steeper the roof, the more safety equipment and caution are needed to keep roofers safe and secure.


complicated roofLikewise, the more complex the roof is and the more amenities it has, the more time, materials and attention-to-detail are required to get the job done (and done right). This includes features such as skylights, vents, chimneys, solar panels, multifaceted angles, etc. All can greatly contribute to a more difficult, more time-consuming job and thus…increased cost.

Out of all these factors, skylights and solar panels are the most expensive; they’re the most fragile and likely to break, and usually have seals that need to be replaced whenever you tear up the old roofing.

5. Your Home’s Location

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Homes in North Scottsdale near DC Ranch and Tom’s Thumb Trailhead

Location, Location, Location. That’s an important factor for buying a home – and just as important a factor for repairing your roof.

If you have paid attention to roofing prices, you may have noticed that a roofing repair in Scottsdale, AZ costs a lot more than one in Central Phoenix…for a home or roof of the same size.

The materials used are usually the same, the time spent on labor and repair is the same, yet it can be upwards of 50 % – 75% more expensive on average.


Sure, for some roofs in Scottsdale, it’s just they are higher-end and thus require more high-end materials than smaller, simpler homes and roofs in Central Phoenix. It would only make sense that such a home would have more expensive repairs on average than in Scottsdale.

However, when the repair is exactly the same your cost will still be more in Scottsdale simply because of cost of doing business, cost of living and labor, etc. Scottsdale roofing business’s have higher operating costs than similar businesses from further away, and those costs will often simply be passed on to you.

Average Cost of a New Roof Installation in Phoenix, AZ

The average cost of a roof replacement in Phoenix, AZ is $6,759 as reported by Manta.com. The maximum average cost is $7,580 and minimum average cost is $5,939.

Keep in mind, this is just an estimate – and all the factors I listed above will come into play to determine your exact cost. They can also be the difference between getting a low-end, cheap bid versus a higher-end bid, depending on who you hire and what materials they decide to go with.

If you live in the metro Phoenix area, give us a call and we’ll help you get the right quote for your home, roof and roofing job.


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