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Ironically, he watched us install his neighbor’s roof, a year before finding us online.

We were contacted by Lou in Avondale, who found us by searching the web for “Phoenix roofing companies”. At the time, Lou was unaware he already witnessed our company in action – we completed his neighbor’s roof about a year before he found us on the web. This is a case study of this roofing project.

Lou is a Restate agent, in the Valley of the Sun, with no lack of connections when it comes to contractors. He has used various roofing companies over the years, and keeps a list of contractors he prefers to work with. There was little need for Lou to record our company name and phone number when we were completing a re-roofing project for his neighbor.

A year later, Lou was in need of a roofing professional to assist with the installation of a new roof for his home.

He contacted his recommended roofing companies’ to provide him with a quote. It was at this time, that Lou felt like he wanted to seek out quotes from other roofing companies. Lou explained, he didn’t like the quotes he was receiving. He pointed-out that none of the companies inspected the roof to understand exactly what was needed and provide custom options to remedy the leaky roof.

This is what lead Lou to conduct online searches to seek-out local roofing companies. Throughout this process, he found us on the web.

local roofing companyWhen we arrived at his home, Lou explained he had several leaks over the years, and feared it was time for a new roof – he made it clear that $10,000 was his maximum budget.
We inspected the current condition of the roof. As we examined the roof it was clear that roof tiles were poorly installed, causing water to drain off the tiles onto the underlayment. The tiles had been installed with a 1 ½ inch head-lapping as opposed to the recommend 3 inches. It was clear that the underlayment was retaining water and was the reason for constant leakage.

What Lou Had To Say About Our Roofing Services

I am 18 years in Real estate in the west valley,a local Associate Broker. Estrella Roofing just did a total make over on my roof.Nobody wants the expense of having the roof done,but if it needs to be done you have no choice. This job was excellent,I have most likely the best roof in my neighborhood.I can rest easy in any rain storm that my home will no longer leak.

Lou SR USAF Retired

​I reviewed my findings, using photos I had taken of the damage, and explained why it was best to replace the current roof and what needed to be done to avoid the same premature leaking issue. I provided options to complete the re-roofing project under budget, including needed upgrades to ensure his roof would reach its 20 year manufacturer’s warranty.

roofing​The fact that our quote came in under budget was partly the reason why Lou choose Estrella Roofing to install his new roof; but it wasn’t the only reason. Lou mentioned the other roofing companies who provided him a quote operated very similar:

They showed up, agreed that I needed a new roof, and came inside to review cost to complete the re-roofing project. None of them took the time to inspect the roof, or explain what was actually needed based on my roof specifically.

​Estrella Roofing was proud to come in under-budget, under the other provided quotes, including upgrades that were not included in the previously provided quotes.
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We strive to be a top roofing company in Phoenix.

​We are a local family owned and operated contractor. I pride myself in providing one-on-one consultations to ensure each job we take on is inspected and properly bid. As the owner, I oversee each roofing project. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.

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