Minor Roof Leak Turned Into a Nightmare: Buyer Beware

A Roof Leak Repair – As Reported on by 5 On Your Side

In this case study 5 On Your Side covered a story where an out of state roofing company serviced Eva Perez’s home, only to leave her worst off and with less money than she had prior to contacting them.

roof leak buyer beware

Minor water damage caused by the roof leak.

How It Happend

Eva contacts a repair company because she has a small leak in her roof.

When the repair contractor showed up, she found herself purchasing additional services.

The roofing repairman explained that he could seal the current leak, as well as the entire roof for an additional $200.00; adding that they would include a 5 year guarantee. Eva liked the idea of not having to worry about any additional leaks for the time being (or in her mind, for the next five years) and agreed to forgo the extra $200.00.

A week later the roof began to leak, far worst that it did prior to the so-called repair. Eva felt nothing had been done to seal the rest of the roof, and that she paid an extra $200.00 for nothing.



When she tried to contact the repair company, she was unable to reach anyone – only an answering machine. She later came to find that the company was in a different state, but showed a local address on the business card and on the web.

5 On Your Side was also unsuccessful in reaching the repair company to get any answers. See full story here.

Buyer Beware – What We’ve Learned

From time to time, I will arrive to a residence’s home to deliver an estimate, and through conversation, the homeowner will mention a name of a repair company that I recognize as an out-of-state company but presents as if they are a local Phoenix repair company. This can be a problem as it was for Mrs. Perez.

The buyer beware warning for these types of roofing companies is that you are likely dealing with an out- of-state call center, who then dispatches local contractors to complete the service.

In these cases you are likely to receive a contractor who is a salesman first-and-foremost and roofing specialist second. Many times they will over promise services and under deliver. If you do have a problem with the work that was completed, or promises made that were not kept, you normally have trouble dealing with the central office.


  • Companies that operate in this business model can be difficult to spot; most of them are large franchised companies.
  • Here are few things that you can do to spot a roofing company that tries to pass itself as a local company.
  • Contact the phone number and ask where their central office is located
  • Check the BBB and see if they have any complaints or if they operate under different business names
  • Always ask for references (and check them)
  • Check online user reviews
  • Look up their contractors license and see what state their registered under

Estrella Roofing – Avondale, AZ

by: Juan Luis Leon Lopez – Owner of Estrella Roofing

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