Rain Causing Major Roofing Repair and Replacements in Phoenix

Rain Causing Major Roofing Repair


​We haven’t seen this much rain in the Phoenix in quite some time. This kind of steady rain can take a toll on a roof; a minor leak can cause major problems. As we move into the fifth straight day of rain our company is flooded with service calls from residence and businesses alike. The more rain we get, the more calls we are receiving. While this is good for us, it may not be so good for you. So here’s a few tips to save yourself some heartache at times like this.

​Once a roof becomes weak it becomes a hazard. Try not to “fix the leak” with buckets. I know it sounds funny, but many homeowners uses this method because in Arizona, it may only rain hard enough once a year to cause a leak.
Fixing a leaking roof the right way can be an easy DIY repair, all you really need is a ladder and a basic understanding of roofing.

DIY fix a leaking roof

Find the leak

Look for cracked or out of place shingles – it’s not always easy to locate the exact spot of the leak, especially if it’s coming from an opening such as an exhaust fan, skylight or chimney.

Be Safe

Remember, a wet roof, is a dangerous roof. It is not advised to climb onto your roof if it is wet or if there is a chance of becoming wet while you’re on it. Always wear a rubber soled shoe for maximum traction.

Take a look at what happend three days ago at the Marriott in Old Town San Diego when rain caused a weak roof to come down.

Protecting your home from rain damage

  • Be sure your downspouts and rain gutters are not clogged
  • Make sure that your home isn’t sitting in a puddle of water; make sure that water runs-off your home’s perimeter
  • If you do have water surrounding your home’s foundation use a pump to remove it (not as much of an issue here in Southern Arizona)
  • Inspect your roof on a regular basis to avoid any surprises, if you do find a problem – don’t put it off

Scheduling roofing repair or replacement

​The worst time to have your roof repaired is right after a big storm; like the one we are experiencing right now. Every single roofing company is currently, and will be, slammed with repairs and re-roofing projects over the next 30 days.

This can be very frustrating, as any legitimate roofing company may need to schedule your project out upwards of a month or two.

Buyer Beware

​In the roofing industry there are roofing companies labeled as “Storm Chasers”. These are companies that make their money by constantly traveling to locations that are seeing heavy rain — and usually, overcharge for their services. These companies are willing to provide quick service during busy times, but they are not always trustworthy. They are not established locally and it’s difficult to hold them accountable for their work; don’t expect a service warranty.

​The worst time to have your roof repaired is right after a big storm; like the one we are experiencing right now.

How to get the best service for your next repair or re-roofing project

To obtain the best service, it is always wise to schedule your repairs or roofing projects before the monsoon season, or before storms are upon us. You get your choice of legitimate roofing companies, they are willing to provide good customer service, and best of all, you will get a competitive price. During slower times contractors are willing to give fast and free bids; giving your the luxury of comparing deliverables vs. cost.

Moreover, when roofing companies are slow, it is likely that the owner of the company (or someone higher-up) will be supervising your project. This makes a big difference, especially when you’re undergoing a re-roofing project: You are paying a good amount of money for your new roof, you want the job to be done right. A roof that lasts for 20 years, like it should, is much different than a roof that begins showing problems after 5 – 10 years.

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