Scottsdale Roof Leak Repaired for Good

scottdale roof leak

A Residential Roof Installation Project

We showed up to this Scottsdale home to complete a roof leak repair.

Fix or Replace My Roof?

Upon seeing the condition of the roof it was clear that the roof should be replaced. After explaining a few options to the homeowner we decided it was best to replace the current roof.

This was one of those cases where we could repair the leak, but would likely need to come back out after the next big rain to make another roof leak repair. This roof was over 15 years old and was in very poor condition. It’s a good rule of thumb to replace a roof after 15 years if it’s in poor condition and its beginning to leak.

New Roof Installation

New Roof InstallationOnce we decided to replace the roof we needed to find the matching tile, or at least a tile that would be approved by the homeowner and the HOA. The only problem was that the tile that was used on the roof was so old that finding he exact tile proved to be an issue.

Therefore, we provided several tile options for the homeowner to review. Once they selected the tile, we placed the order and a few days later we got to work.

Installed to Last

We always used top-of-the-line underlayment to extend the lifetime of this new roof. By installing the reach seal we also can minimize water coming into contact with the underlayment. Since 2004, we have been installing this type of reach seal. As a result the homeowner can expect a leak free roof for the next 40 years. Homeowners, like this feature of our roofing installation services.

Installed to Last

The homeowner loved their new roof; and there were no complaints from the Home Owner Association about the new roof tile selection.

Case Study: Scottsdale Roof Leak Repair

By: Juan Luis Leon Lopez, Owner of Estrella Roofing

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