To patch or replace? As it happened in Waddell, AZ


This was a re-roofing project that we completed recently in Waddell, AZ.

PictureThis project is similar to many service calls that we see.

The homeowner paid to have his roof patched several times over the past few years — the patch work was less than spectacular.

Additionally, the flashing should have been replaced, or repaired, around the same time that the patch work was completed.

As a result, water was building up in the valley of the roof causing water damage throughout.

Solution: Re-Roofing

It was evident that the roof would require on-going patch work. In these cases it’s almost always best to replace the roof to avoid reoccurring repairs.

I provided the homeowner with a quote to replace the roof, they considered it and hired us to install a new roof.

Re-RoofingThe installation of this top-of-the-line hip & ridge closure (shown below) and cap tiles. This process and use of quality products will extend the lifetime of the roof by about 20 years.

We were able to complete the project on schedule and the homeowner was happy with their new roof. We painted the new flashing at no additional fee to match the stunning new exterior of the home.

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