Why Tile Roofing is Good to Install in Arizona

tile roofing

Tile roofing is an ideal choice for Phoenix home owners.

Tile roofing offers the most functionally of all commonly installed roofing materials: it looks great with many design options, and it stands up to the Arizona sun. If installed properly, a tile roof can last upwards of 50 years.

Benefits of a Tile Roof

Traditional tiles are comprised of clay and also come in stone and porcelain. These organic based materials stand up to heat. They also provide an extra boost of insulation to your home’s roof by keeping the sun’s rays off the underlying roof. While you will pay more for a tile roof, it can save you money month after month when it comes time to pay your electric bill.

tile roof for arizona

Figure on the left shows the heat penetrating while the figure on the right shows the heat being reflected.
Another benefit of tile is its aesthetics options when it comes to design, colors and patterns. Tile gives you far more design options than any other roofing type. Moreover, since the colors are mixed into the tile materials itself, they stand up well to the Arizona sun without fading; unlike shingles. I’ve seen clay roofing tiles warranted against fading for up to 50 years.

A Few Other Things To Consider

When installing a tile roof: make sure your current roof can hold the weight. Tile is heavy; much more than shingles or sheet metal. If you’re unsure if your home can handle a tile roof, it may not be a bad idea to have an architect take a peek at before you call a roofing company to provide an estimate.

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Also, if you choose to install a tile roof, keep in mind while tile stands up to the elements such as the sun, wind and rain, it doesn’t do well to being walked on; try and avoid letting anyone walk on your tiles unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Other Types of Tile Roofs

Non-traditional types of tile roofs vary from concrete, slate and wood shake tiles. All these types of tile offer the same versatility when it comes to aesthetics but they vary in their functionality benefits.

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