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This project was completed in the Avondale area of Dysart and Osborn, where a homeowner contacted us because their roof was leaking.

Project TypeResidential
Service TypeTile RoofLeak Repair
LocationDysart & OsbornAvondale, AZ
Zip Code85323
Year CompletedNovember 2018

Full Description

When the homeowner contacted us he was completely unsure of the cause of the problem. He wanted us to do a complete roof inspection to provide insight as to the condition of their roof. Upon inspection we noticed that the ridge gap and the gable end of the roof were not properly sealed. We explained that their roof did not need to be replaced but that we would need to remove sections of the roof’s tiles to assess the damage and repair any water damaged sections. Additionally, the gable edge of the roof was taking in water because the previous installation of tile was not properly completed; the tiles at the edge of the roof had half cut tiles installed instead of full tiles. It is not uncommon to see roofing contractors install half tiles on this section of roofing but it is constantly problematic and should be avoided at all cost. As a result, we completed the project by installing full tiles on the gable end of the roof to avoid water seeping in under the tiles from the edge of the roof.

As for the rest of the project, we replaced the damaged plywood and resealed the ridge gap with weather blocking materials before installing the underlayment. We laid two layers of felt #40 underlayment and then replaced the old tiles to complete the project.

The homeowner was happy we didn’t have to replace the entire roof and that our troubleshooting upon the initial inspection nailed down what had to be done to avoid any costly surprises throughout the project.

Remember, just because your roof is leaking doesn’t always mean that it must be replaced. Always get several quotes when hiring a roofing contractor.

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