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This project is similar to many service calls that we see.

The homeowner paid to have his roof patched several times over the past few years — the patch work was less than spectacular. So the question became: is it better to repair or replace?

Project TypeResidential
Service TypeNew RoofRoof Replacement
LocationCortessa White Tank FoothillsWaddell, Arizona
Zip Code85355
Year CompletedOct 2016

Full Description
The Waddell, Arizona Tile Project


Our goal is always to provide various solutions when providing estimates. This roofing project was no different.

This Waddell resident contacted us to come out and inspect a leak which had proved to be an on-going issue. In this case, the roof had been patched three times in the last two years. So when we came out to inspect the issue we wanted to access the overall condition of the roof. This allows us to get a better understanding, if the issue was due to previous repairs that had been completed poorly, or if the current condition of the roof was so poor that chronic leaking would be inevitable.

What We Discovered Upon Inspection of the Roof

The discovery phase brought us to the conclusion that the issue wasn’t as straightforward as we initially suspected. Instead, this was a situation where leaks had been caused due to both shoddy repair work, and neglect of the condition of the roof over the years.

The roof’s flashing should have been replaced or repaired around the same time that the patch work was completed. As a result, water was building up in the valley of the roof causing water damage throughout. The roof should have lasted 7 -10 more years without the need for replacement, however in this case a replacement was necessary.

Solution: Re-Roofing

It was evident that the roof would require on-going patch work. In these cases it’s almost always best to replace the roof to avoid reoccurring repairs.

We provided the homeowner with a quote to replace the roof, they considered it, and two days later hired us to install a new roof.

working on tile roof in waddell

The installation of top-of-the-line hip and ridge closure is shown in the image below.laying new weatherproofing

The process of installing a quality seal and tile caps will extend the lifetime of the roof by about 20 years.

While the types of materials used on each project differ based on the project budget, I always recommend using quality products across the board.  Replacing your home’s roof is likely the most expensive home improvement you will undergo; there’s no sense in saving 20% on a re-roofing project just to end up with a final product that will last 10 – 15 years instead of 20+ years.

We were able to complete the project on schedule and the homeowner was happy with their new roof. We painted the new flashing at no additional fee to match the stunning new exterior of the home.

newly installed flashing

Newly installed flashing.

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