Walkdeck Restoration & Repair in Avondale, AZ

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This project was completed in Avondale, AZ in the Garden Lakes area. This was a project where the homeowner began the work to restore his walkdeck, on his own, only to realize that the damage to his deck was far more extensive than he initially thought.

Project TypeResidential
Service TypeWalk DeckRestoration
LocationGarden LakesAvondale, AZ
Zip Code85323
Year CompletedJanuary 2019

Full Description

The homeowner contacted us shortly after he removed sections of the deck, the railing, and cut through the bird blocking (cutting through the internal power cable).

We were able to quickly schedule a visit and provided him with a detailed plan of what needed to be done to restore the sections which were damaged and recoat the deck.

The entire project took only a few days and we replaced the sections and plywood which needed to be replaced, welded the old railing, and reframed the outside portion of the deck. After the restoration of the deck was completed we installed the latest reflective coating system to bring the walkdeck back to its old glory.

The homeowner was delighted with the look of this new deck and was thankful for the work we did to replace only the sections of the deck that needed attention as well as restoring his old railing.

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