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New Roof Installation

All our new roof installations are overseen by the owner, avoiding runarounds. We warranty our installation services for two years and we’ll fix any leaks for the lifetime of your roof – free.

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Affordable Installation

​Here at Estrella Roofing, our roofing installation cost are normally below the Phoenix roofing installation average.  As all written estimates are completed by the owner, we avoid unexpected surprises upon billing.

Finally, A Trusted Phoenix Roofing Installation Company

New Roofs Installed To Last

Once your roof is beyond repair we can provide multiple re-roofing options. Whether you’re looking to replace, upgrade, go green or need an experienced roofer who can install designer or commercial roofs, we have the experience needed. Licensed, bonded, and insured up to 1 million dollars.

Installing a new roof is an investment – we make sure your new roof is installed to last, guaranteed!

Installing a new roof is an investment – we make sure your new roof is installed to last, guaranteed! In the event your newly installed roof leaks we will fix it for free. It’s our family owned and operated approach that powers our repeat customers and referrals.

  • Free Inspection
  • Same day written estimate
  • One-on-one consultation w/ owner
  • References of local completed projects
  • Up-front accurate pricing
  • No bait-and-switch tactics
  • Final Five Point inspection check-off
  • Free leak repair warranty
  • 20 year warranties
  • 30 year warranties
  • Lifetime warranties
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New Roof Consultation

One-on-one consultations are conducted by the owner to avoid any miscommunication between high pressure sales reps and installation techs. Upon reviewing the roof’s current condition we provide a detailed breakdown of the roof’s situation. By inspecting your roof we can insure that re-roofing is necessary, or if a simple roofing repair is in order. If a new roof is needed, we can provide several options based on the type of roof, materials and the installation. Since we are authorized resellers for five of the top roofing manufactures in the country, we can develop a solution that meets your re-roofing budget. 

Residential + Commercial

Types of Roofs We Install.

Shingle Roofs

Part of our shingle installation process includes providing multiple installation solutions. By inspecting your current roof we can explain if it’s possible to install new shingles over existing ones or if a full tear-off is required, and/or if the wood underneath the shingles needs to be replaced. Our knowledge of shingle roofs is key to providing accurate up-front solutions and pricing.


Tile Roofs


We are experienced with tile re-roofing installation to know whether the entire roof needs to be replaced, or only portions of it. Since we work with some of the top tile manufactures in the nation, we can match almost any tile color; from designer roofing tiles, to standard tiles. Our understanding of tile roofs allow us to provide flexible pricing options to meet your re-roofing budget.

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flat roof repairs

Flat Roofs


From Built-Up Roof (BUR), Modified Bitumen, to Rubber Membrane we can handle your commercial or residential flat re-roofing project. In most cases, flat re-roofing involves a complete tear-off of the existing roof; other times we may recommend that you replace the wood below to avoid pre-mature leaks. Upon the initial inspection we will provide recommendations, and can even discuss various material types to fit your re-roofing budget.

Metal Roofs


A properly installed metal roof can last upwards of 100+ years. We can explain multiple types of metal roofing options such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel or zinc. To reach the roof’s lifetime expectancy we avoid amateur mistakes: incorrect panel lapping, setting screws incorrectly, using too much sealant, incorrect hang-off length, improper flashing around piping, etc. To reduce cost, in some cases, our metal re-roofing installations can be installed over an existing roof.

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Estrella Roofing has restored roofs throughout the Valley of the Sun, from residential to commercial properties alike. All our roofing installations are overseen by the owner – no runarounds, hidden fees or bait-and-switch tactics.

What type of materials do you use?

​We use quality roofing materials that stand up to the Arizona sun. We work with several of the top roofing manufactures in the nation to provide a large selection of roofing materials. Our experience allows us to install your roof to manufacture regulations, ensuring our roof doesn’t void its 20 to 30 year warranty.

How much does a new roof cost?

​Roofing installation cost vary based on roof type, materials and difficultly level.  On average, you can expect to pay about $6,000 – $8,000 for a new roof. However, the factor affected most by cost is the roof type. Expect to pay about $120 per 100 sq ft for asphalt, $300 per 100 sq ft for tile and $500 per 100 sq ft for metal.

How do I know my new roof will be under warranty?

We are aware of manufactures installation standards to ensure we don’t leave out steps that will void manufacture warranties. This is our guarantee to make sure your new roof stands the test of time. We have installed over a 1,000 new roofs in Phoenix and know how unforgiving the Arizona sun is; so we don’t cut corners to save on cost by using mediocre sealants.

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By: Juan Leon Lopez – President of Estrella Roofing

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