Roof Repairs

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Roof  Repairs

We always take the time to understand the current condition of your roof. This means you will receive an accurate assessment of your roof’s condition and a custom tailored solution to meet your needs and budget.

We will always try to match your current tiles or shingles. ​We work with several of the top manufactures in the country to ensure we can provide you with a full toolbox of inventory to choose from.

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Leak Repair

The Arizona sun causes roofs to crack and leak prematurely. Roof leaks are a science all of their own. Once water has penetrated your roof into the attic it can be tricky to find the cause or source. In some cases leaks can be coming from skylights, flashings, chimneys; other times, they are due to damaged tiles or shingles. Whatever the cause, we can find the source of the leak and repair it right the first time – guaranteed.

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Emergency Repairs

From commercial to residential roof repairs we can arrive quickly. We know emergency repairs are about fast response and the knowledge to quickly troubleshoot. Prior to arriving we will collect needed details to understand your roof and situation. Upon arrival we will quickly inspect your roof and provide an affordable repair quote. Most emergency roof leaks are repaired within 30 minutes of our arrival.

Phoenix’s Trusted Roofing Repair

We repair and restore your current roof to extend its lifetime.

No pushy salesmen. If your roof can be repaired we’ll explain how and do it! If your roof can be repaired without replacing it, we’ll do it. From designer roofs to restoration of ridge caps, flashings and skylights.

Warrantied & Affordable Roofing Repair

Our family owned and operated approach means we don’t fill out an estimate for a new roof before we inspect your current roof’s condition. Many times roofs can be repaired instead of replaced; regardless of the damage. If you live in Phoenix the owner will inspect your roof himself, then explain your repair options.

“No pushy salesmen that try to sell you something you don’t need, then have a crew come out to complete the work.”

Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with our professionalism that you save our contact information and become a lifetime customer. This is how we have grown in the Phoenix metro area, through referrals and repeat customers, not big advertising campaigns.

Residential + Commercial

Types of Roofs We Repair.

Shingle Roofs


​Living in Phoenix, Arizona shingle roofs are more susceptible to deterioration from the sun’s rays. Shingle roofs are among the most versatile when it comes to repair options: from spot repair, to replacing sections, and in some cases, installing a new layer of shingles over the existing one.

Tile Roofs


​In some cases damaged tiles can be reused to stack over newly installed underlayment and flashings. We can explain repair options upon inspection. If we need to replace any tiles, will always look to match the existing ones. We understand the importance your home’s exterior appearance.

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Flat Roofs


​Effectively troubleshooting your flat roof to find problem areas and fix them. We use PVC, TPO and KEE single ply roofing membranes to make sure that your roof will withstand our “dry heat”. We are bonded and licensed for all commercial roof repairs.

Metal Roofs


​Restoring your metal roof to look and work like it was just installed. We use top-of-the-line materials to make sure the roof’s seems are protected from the sun’s rays. Additionally, we can reseal and coat the roof to be energy efficient and rust proof.

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